The Dogwood Manor


The historic Dogwood Manor is made up of unique spaces that will give your guests a sense of both intimacy and grandeur.  The first floor is open and consists of two areas that can be used for dining with a bar in the middle.  The back dining area opens into the courtyard which is the building’s centerpiece.  This entire space can be rented separately.  The grand stairway leads to the atrium walkway which flows into the Grand Ballroom.  This space can be used for dining and is also ideal for music and dancing. Off the Grand Ballroom is the VIP Suite which has a stairwell to the Courtyard. The VIP Suite can be used independently or as an extension of the Grand Ballroom.  It is also an ideal space that the Bride and Bridesmaids can claim as their own.

  • First Floor and Courtyard

    • Dining Area – 1,200 sq.ft. (120 seated)
    • Bar – 160 sq.ft.
    • Courtyard – 1,600 sq. ft. (100 seated)
    • Server’s Area – 110 sq.ft.
  • Second Floor

    • Grand Ballroom – 1,000 sq.ft. (75 seated)
    • VIP Suite – 280 sq.ft. (25 seated)
    • Atrium Loft – 100 sq.ft.
  • Parking Space

    50+ spaces on site

    • Security/Privacy Wall
    • Easy Entrance & Exit
    • Valet Parking Available
    • In addition, there is a city parking deck next door as well as a city parking lot with stairs to the Courtyard.